Weezer Brings the Geek Rock

One of the great things about Weezer -- one of the many great things about this band coming to WinStar World Casino at 8 p.m. Saturday -- is that they produce rock ‘n’ roll to tame the inner geek inside so many of us. You know the inner geek, that pimply faced kid who immersed himself in comic books as a kid, dreaded being picked last for soccer and pined for pretty high school girls he never had the courage to approach.

WeezerUh oh. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

As we were saying, Weezer’s hard-charging rock anthems, at once earnest and ironic, have been a staple of college radio since the outfit’s 1994 breakthrough with memorable alt-rock singles “Undone - The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly.” Subsequent tunes, from the lilting pop of “Island in the Sun” to the controlled fury of “Beverly Hills,” furthered their iconic status.

WinStar Spotlight recently chatted with Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson.

Q: What do you think of the phrase “Geek Rock” when someone applies it to Weezer?
Wilson: I think that person is very wise.

Q: Weezer has put out the “Blue Album,” “Green Album” and “Red Album.” Is there another color coming? If so, what?
Wilson: The Color Purple.

Q: Have certain Weezer songs evolved for you more the years as you’ve matured? If so, what?
Wilson: Yes -- "Dope Nose," especially the lyric, "Cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb.”

Q: This summer, Weezer had a few shows sharing the stage with Oklahoma’s The Flaming Lips. What was the genesis for that headliner-sharing performance?
Wilson: It was an epic melding of rock, forged from the powers that be!

Q: How has being a father impacted being in a rock band?
Wilson: It makes me the cool dad at the bus stop.

Q: What can you tell us about the next record?
Wilson: I can tell you many things, on many different levels, about lots of stuff. And none of it will be true.

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5. Scottie wrote:
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